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Georgian School Novator to Teach Teenagers Programming and Robotics

Novator is a School of Computer Science, where studying process is joyful and lets 11-15 years old students enjoy with new technologies. Startup is founded by 2 friends, using Massachusetts Technical University program adapted to Georgian reality. The main value of school is to create comfortable environment, get them involved in computer science and let develop themselves logical and creative mind. Marketer had an interview with Mikheil Phailodze, Founder of Novator.


What is Novator aiming at?

This is a School of Computer Science. Company is founded by two programmers, who has more than 10 years experience in this field. We came up with the idea when we faced an issue- we needed developers to occupy but it was hard to find a professional. We decided to solve the problem by opening a school.

What is your target audience?

The school is oriented to 11-15 years old teenagers. As a result of research we selected an optimal program developed by Massachusetts Technical University for teenagers development. We adapted this program to Georgian reality, gathered team which happened to be quite successful. We noticed that it was easier for younger people to master and get familiar with new technologies. In order to make studying process fun, we have robots which we build and program together. two robots are already built, Bart and Lisa.
What knowledge do kids get?
Besides the fact that Computer Science is a demandable and popular field, it’s the best way to maintain logical mind. The skills that students get at our school, gives them advantage to be novators in any field. Course includes programming foundation, robotic foundations and generally robotechnick. Also, they learn  networks, electronic engineering, network engineering and graphics.
What is your price policy?
Course duration is 1 year, twice a week, 1 and a half hour lessons. Price for a month is 99 GEL. We have a summer camp in Bakuriani where two teams will be created to work on two big robots during 10 days. They will compete at the end.