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Georgian Brand ArtDapha-The Art Created with Cutting Board and Lace

ArtDapha unites the works created by cutting board and lace. The third important component for the art can become any item which makes it look unique. The author of the works is 57 years old Giuli Gogvadze. She came up with an idea to create the brand spontaneously and started doing it 4 months ago.

Tell us what “ArtDapha” is and what encouraged you to create such works of art?

It’s been 4 months since I started the brand. This is a cutting board, which you will see in every family. The main factor to fulfill my idea was using lace. I always had different attitude to lace. This year, I was abroad and I have seen a very beautiful collection of lace. When I came back, I decided that I wanted to add lace as a decorative element to cutting board and create something different.

How do you create the composition?

Each work consists of 3 components: Lace, cutting board and third element is something which summarizes creating ArtDapha.  The third element may be any item, the gifts or something we have found. In any case, it should match the decoration style and composition of the board.


Do you have individual order system and what are the prices in general?

There are 9 categories on my page and Art Dapha Exclusive in one of them. Someone who is interested can contact me and give me the item he or she wants to create the art with. The size of board is standard 20/40. As for price, the cost of board starts from 50 GEL.

What are your future plans?

“ArtDapha” passed its first exam of 3rd of December and it was an additional motivation for me because I realized that others also like what I like. My exhibition was exhibited on 17th of December.


I want society to know more of my works. I personally love working process. I am a doctor with my profession but since I got back, I started to do a lot of different jobs. I believe that lace should have played some role in my life at some point by creating “ArtDapha” and I think I managed it.