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Georgian Based IT Company Apollo 11- Exported Intellectual Resource to Foreign Markets

Apollo 11 is a Georgian based IT company exporting intellectual resources abroad. Company’s team holds expert knowledge and brings individualism in its relations with clients. CBW had an interview with its founder and director Zura Sekhniashvili to learn more about their methods and how they develop their business:

Please tell us a little bit about your company – what is Apollo 11 all about?

Apollo 11 operates only on foreign markets and offers cloud-based system services. Despite being only 10 months old, “Apollo 11” is already known in six countries.Great Britain, Germany, France Estonia, Spain and America are already familiar with “Apollo 11” experienced and trusted team. The success of “Apollo 11” is a result of the team’s experience. In the beginning there were only four people who have already qualified, for this moment we have 20 professional and we are going to increase the number of them in the near future. The most valuable capital of the company is the people who work here and create the most important product, thus contributing to the development of the company as well as the economy of the entire country. 

The goal of the company is to export the Georgian intellectual resource to the foreign market. “Apollo 11” is a place where the best programmers should work.

Who’s your team and what’s the work process like?   

Employee search process is complicated and prolonged. We prefer the ones who have the logical thinking ability, has experience in the software Olympiads, and most importantly,to satisfy the high standards that the company requires.

Besides the staff, the Apollo 11’s shuttle door is always open for interns, obviously with great experience and prospect of employment.

It’s always one team actively involved in the project development, comprising 3 junior developers, headed by the main developer and project manager. In case of need, temporary involvement of other team developers is also possible.

In order to spend more efficiently in practice, we use different software tools. For example, we use Slack messenger for internal communications, Basecamp and email-protected servers to communicate with clients.

Daily assignments are provided through Trello by the Project Manager. In addition, we actively use our own platforms, for example we have a system which automatically calculates the time spent by the developer on each assignment and helps us make general analysis of the project timelines.

What methodologies and techniques do you implement in developing of your startup?

Let’s say, the methodology that we lead in the daily management of projects is an interpretation of Agile and Kanban. Nowadays, both of them are the most widely used methods in our field. In our interpretation, we mean the structure and management of our team, the specificity of the project.

All projects that we have worked with have specific requirements for which we could be flexible in terms of time and resources. 

Also, all the documents received from the client are confidential material, which is why we use protection system. All this is done to be in full compliance with EU Regulatory Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on 25 May of the same year.

How do you see yourself now as a startup?

The beginning was really hard. Access to the foreign market and gain confidence in large companies, where the quality and standards are high, but our hard work and commitment finally resulted. It is very pleasant to analyze that this steep initial stage has been successfully left behind and now we are moving forward for greater goals.

By Nina Gomarteli

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