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Georgian Alphabet on Kharkov Wall - Musya Qeburia's Art on Street Art Festival

Georgian Alphabet on Kharkov Wall – Musya Qeburia’s Art on Street Art Festival

Musya Qeburia is a designer and Art Director at HOLMES & WATSON Advertising Agency. She is also a freelance painter in wall street art.

Musya took part in Street Art festival held in the city of Kharkov. At the festival named as Kharkiv Smart Fest 2016, Musya demonstrated her work on the huge wall. As a result, she represented Georgia quite nice and beautiful way.

Qeburia shared to MARKETER her impressions and the experience got in the Fest.

Tell us about the festival: what kind of festival is it and how you got there?

Street Art fest held on August 24th, titled “Kharkiv Smart Fest”, the painters from those cities with whom Kharkov has had friendly connections, have been participated.

I received an offer from the City Hall Cultural Activities Center, providing me the status of the artist from Georgia, and I accepted it.

Tell us about the work you performed;

Due to various countries and the cities of the Assembly participated in the festival, I decided to demonstrate in my work something characteristic from Georgia. Accordingly, I used Georgian alphabet, ornaments and details, giving them modern and abstract geometric shapes and on 24 sq.m. of the wall I adjusted the whole picture.

Have you been participated in such festivals before?

For me, this is the first activity in the Street Art Festival, which was held outside the country and I was able to glorify my work elsewhere, and to leave my mark. As a result, I met a lot of  interesting artists with original ideas. In addition, now I am experienced in this type of festivals and environment as well. I should point out that thanks to this festival I have acquired very interesting friends.

Participating in such festivals is a good way to meet new artists and make connections for future plans.

What was the most memorable for you from this festival?

I remember very well the attitude of the people, with whom I had dealt with. All turned out to be very hospitable and kind to me.

In the process of drawing ordinary passers-by reacted very positively  when knowing I was an artist from Georgia.

Another thing that I remember, is that in Kharkov there are remarkably well-groomed parks and clean atmosphere.

Despite socialist-era buildings throughout the city it is all very good in the synthesis of a wall painting.

There are many walls and painted houses, and all of this takes place in the promotion of local government.

Of course, a lot of illegal paintings are presented in the city, however, there “Street Art” is well developed than here in our country.

It would be nice such festivals and activities to be held in our city as well to invite foreign artists. Also, more support and encourage is needed for locals that gives them a chance to make beautiful ugly buildings.