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Georgia Startup Restricting Drivers to Drive Overspeed

TTM Update innovative product will appear in automobile industry in the near future. This startup does not enable drivers to drive overspeed. The project author Vakhtang Iashvili told BM.Ge that growing number of road accidents in Georgia has inspired him to develop this project.

“Regretfully, modern technologies are less used in automobile industry, but we knew exactly that there was a way in technology through which we would reduce number of road accidents”, Vakhtang Iashvili said.

TTM Update is a vehicle speed dynamic regulation mechanism, which automatically bars overspeed driving independently from a driver. This is an additional option to GPS tracker, which is installed in a vehicle saloon and is connected with GPS tracker, through electric impulse, it regulates frequency of supply of fuel and engine pressure and this is the safest method for driving deceleration.

“We collect this information through GPS tracker, while GPS platform stores all data on speed restriction on motorways”, the project author noted.

A 10-member tea launched operation on this project in January 2008. They have implemented the project through their own resources. The project value made up 32 000 GEL. The first prototype has been already created and at this stage, it is tested on various vehicles. Retail price of TTM Update is about 35 USD, but the company does not plan to enter the retail. The so-called GPS tracking companies are target audience.

“Government offices showed interest in our project. They saw potential in our product, but no further reaction and efficient steps were taken. Everybody is waiting for results”, Vakhtang Iashvili said and added: “Supposedly, we will enter global market first and after that we will move to Georgia”.

Currently, TTM Group company plans to cooperate with Arusnav company. Active negotiations are also underway with Meitrack, Testilabs, GurtamThink power, Sinocastel, Pilot, Baltic car equipment, BCE, Ascent, Ruptela, Kvadrat systems.