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Gamoiwere.ge -Open your Online Shop

Gamoiwere.ge appeared in the Internet in January, 2017. The idea of the shop is to unite different products on the same platform. Any company or new business can register on the website and open their virtual shop. The founder of the website, Lasha Grdzelidze started working on the concept for the website on his own. He talks about the development strategy and concept of electronic website with marketer. 

How did you come up with an idea to create gamoiwere.ge and how did you implement your idea?

We came up with this idea because there wasn’t a similar website in Georgia and we realized there was a need to create a space where customers could buy handmade items, accessories, paintings, etc. Company was founded in 2015, but we had certain difficulties in the beginning.  In 2016, we had everything to launch the company and in January, we started functioning.

What is the concept of gamoiwere.ge?

All Georgians and not only who produces something or own a company can register on our website and open personal online shop to sell the products. The main advantage is that each producer can manage their online shop themselves.

How can a company register on the website and what are the rules?

They register on the website and choose the package in advance. There are 3 packages and some of them are free. Commission fee is relatively low for paid packages.

What are the challenges for gamoiwere.ge and what is your development strategy?

We want to have more producers registered on our website in the future. Currently, customers can purchase products which are already made but it is not possible to order them. We want to be able to receive orders and make products for the customers.  We also work to develop program management and make it more sophisticated and comfortable for customers.