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G.ber – Young Georgian Painter Turned Art into Clothes

G.ber is a startup with a new concept,which provides practical use and availability of the paintings by Giorgi Beriashvili.. His paintings are printed on the different fabric: t-shirts, dresses and etc. G.ber was founded by Giorgi Beriashvili, Tako Beriashvili and Achi Odzelashvili. The brand manager and designer, Tako beriashvili talked with Marketer about the idea of startup, challenges and future plans.


How did you come up with an idea to create G.ber?

Giorgi has been drawing since he was 13. Since his paintings are expensive and people like them very much, we wanted to offer them different way to own the paintings. We wanted customers to enjoy with art on the daily basis.

According to your information, do other artists use this way to spread their art? What is your advantage compared to others?

I am quite familiar with this field now and I haven’t heard of the same business attitude. They usually print paintings which are popular and available. Our advantage is that what we sell is made by Giorgi and each painting is a work of art.

How do you advertise your product and what is the price for it?

We use facebook to advertise our product. At the same time, our clothes are sold in the shop “Komod”. We have offers from other shops and online shops as well. Except that, our collection was exhibited at Kazakhstan Fashion Week and it received a very good feedback. As for the prices, for example, t-shirts cost around 100 GEL , scarves 35-120 GEL.