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Free Space – For Your Freedom in Tbilisi

Where do freelancers go, when they get bored with working at homes and also refrain from visiting nearby cafes? There is no much option for similar individuals in Tbilisi, even more so there is no free of charge working space, where they would work in any part of a day and meet their friends.

In December 2016 Free Space was opened on Janashia Street – the place for freelancers, lovers of musics and art. This is the space, where you find like-minded persons, share your experience to them and establish new contacts.

The common working space has minimalistic and original design. The space is so big that numerous persons are able to perform individual and team work. Therefore, Free Space is an ideal place for meetings and team working process jointly with fellow students. The visitors have access to computers, scanners, printers  free of charge. Coffee and tea ensure additional comfort. In a break period, you can also play Darts, table tennis, learn how to make stencil and relax at a hammock.

To be short, if you are bored with working at home, Free Space provides ideal environment for you!

Moreover, Free Space also holds workshops during a week, as well as interesting discussions and film demonstrations. The Free Space has already held graphic design workshop, ABC of Djing with mentoring of Leon Lolishvili and Roman Abramov and discussions over HipHop in very joyful and active environment. Nika Kocharov has talked about alternative ways of creating music, while Ben Iuler discussed ethnomusics issues.

If you seek a different and comfortable working space, Free Space will satisfy all your requirements.