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“Flying Painter”-A Place Where Clothes are Created as a Work of Art

“The Flying Painter” is a shop and workplace  which is located in “Fabrika”, Tbilisi. The shop unites three directions: Conceptual clothes and accessories created by artists and Soviet vintage. “Flying Painter” reanimated the story which was based on clothes factory “Nino”on Ninoshvili street in 1970 and the movie “Nino” which was madein 1937. Artist and curator, Mariam Natroshvil talks about the history of the shop and exhibited works.

Tells us about the shop, what is the concept of “Flying painter”?

The clothes and accessories created by Georgian artists and designers are sold in the shop. The shape and content of the items exhibited here is unique: Each of them has their own history and tells us a different story. If you want to travel in time, you can also buy clothes made in 80s in Factory “Nino”. The shop also offers you the clothes made in the shop. All the items made in “Flying painter” is work of art to wear.


What do you offer customers?

Our shop focuses on art, works and creations of artists- clothes and accessories.Here,you can buy clothes made in 80s, or clothes made in the shop.

The first project is called Karamaniani. “Karamaniani” is inspired by Persian herotic epos and tells about the dreams seen over nine mountains and adventures of heroes wandering under seven skies. Karamaniani clothes are made for heroes and people looking for crazy adventures. 

How did you maintain the clothes made in “Nino” in your shop?

During 80s , there were boxes of clothes made in that factory for many years. Pressumably, before USSR fell apart, there were a lot of clothes made and part of it was sold but part of it was left unsold. The clothes were kept and waited the light of the day.

How did you open the shop?

Eka Ketsbaia was offered to open the shop in the former factory. Eka invited others and the idea of “Flying painter” was created. We have been working a lot on the concept of the shop and creating a different and interesting space for a long time. The shop was opened at the beginning of the November.


Tell us about yourself, who are the founders and what kind of experience do you have in this field?

Artist , Eka Ketsbaia and Natuka Vatsadze are the members of the group”Bulioni”. Bobo Mkhitari is a graphic designer.Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze are artists and curators. We met each other during the interveiw. Mariam and Detu were interviewing “Bulioni” for the newspaper “Revolver”.  This is how our friendship and collaboration started. Except shop, we collaborate with each other in many art projects. We are all artists and our aims are common.

What news does “Flying Painter” offer to the customers?

In the future, “Flying painter” is going to collaborate with artists who have never tried creating clothes or accessories. The results of this experiment will be exhibited in the shop and it will offer the society work of art you can wear.