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Flower Shop Amelie – Special and Romantic Girl

Recently, flower shop Amelie appeared in the social network. The store quickly became perceptible and its page was liked by about 11 000 persons.

Today, the page is followed by more than 40 000 Facebook users.  It should be noted, besides different packing style, Amelie photos uploaded in the social network are special for their interesting stories and this factor familiarizes the store with their consumers.

The Marketer has interviewed Nuka Chokheli, one of the founders of Amelie, about the Amelie foundation idea, the brand concept and future plans.


How did the Amelie creation idea arise?

“What is the name of your favorite film?” – the question by my husband Dato Kupatadze became my inspiration. Having returned from one of the trainings for startup projects and innovations, we were going to bed, when I discerned he was working on Amelie design at computer. Packing, brand style, character are his preferences.

Therefore, when he finished working on design, he told me solemnly: “We will open flowers online shop!”

I liked the idea. I like flowers and I used to buy them systematically. But I did not have idea of how we could remake our recently repaired apartment into a flower shop. Moreover, we had to combine all these efforts with our jobs.

On the next day we faced a reality. Our friends – Giorgi Chachanidze, Tamo Tsituri, Khatia Goletiani, Sali Tsilosani also joined this initiative  and our vigil nights started. We selected suppliers; prepared brand packing  for Amelie; organized a website and our house was easily transformed into a storehouse. In  several days about 11 000 Facebook users liked our page without advertising efforts.

Having sent the first order, with green hands and astonished faces, we were sitting and  waiting for the courier to learn whether the customer had smiled to him or not, i.e. whether the customer had liked the bouquet or not.


How would you describe our company concept?

Amelie, like the film hero, is a special and romantic girl. She gives preference to such details that others may not discern. Therefore, we think that she differs from her competitors. Customers like talking with Amelie. She is a real person for them and Amelie frequently listens to their stories. And this process familiarizes us with our clients. Moreover, we are ready to assist them in non-office hours too, or to offer more than flowers.

What difficulties did you have to overcome in the project commencement process?

Everything happened very quickly. We were relying on our own enthusiasm and experience that we had gained in the field of marketing and communications. However, in three days after the company foundation, the 8th of March came and all of us thank the fate that that day ended peacefully. There was full chaos, plenty of orders and disorders. However, no discontent client. We ascribed the good start to the different and well-emphasized image of Amelie. Nevertheless, we turned out unready for similar demand at the first stage and we had to revise the strategy soon. The quantity of orders started rising in stable way and we guessed it was necessary to have nonresidential space, first of all.

Amelie flowers

Staff employed on  permanent basis and maintaining of the existing mood. Therefore, we soon opened a store at Kandelaki Street N19 and the results exaggerated all expectations.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our clients give preference to Amelie compared to our competitors. They rarely apply to us for receiving information on prices and service conditions. When they make order, they want only Amelie and they always stress this factor.

Our clients add a different status to us and this may be preconditioned by our friendly relations with them. Amelie does not follow rigid regulations, strictly determined policy of orders, high prices. Consequently, our customers believe that  only Amelie will help them in creating special moments.

We are trying to never leave them disappointed. At a glance, our special style of packing, simplicity and fastest services make Amelie special compared to our competitors.


It should  be noted that we import flowers from the Netherlands twice a week, but Amelie also trades in domestic, seasonal flowers. We have suppliers from Tbilisi suburbs – entrepreneurs, peasants. There were cases when Amelie bought the whole reserves of flowers from old women in the street. For that persons this was a relief, while Amelie considers flowers very important that has grown in some specific place in rural areas and no other company will have similar flower on that day. Similar flowers add simplicity and rusticity that is characteristic to Amelie bouquets.

What is your major achievement?

Our major achievement for the past 6 months is that Amelie has acquired much perception in the social network and society – friends, relatives, coworkers of our customers are content with our services.

I believe we are strong today. We have valuable logistics and fast delivery services, professional designers, who have been creating Amelie every day. The main thing is that there are people that enter our page and look through it, or neighbors at Kandelaki Street N19, who care for us and appreciate us.


However, several major companies were interested in our corporate services and this fact has stimulated us. We have been already cooperating with them and we are trying to offer best quality products to them. We have become exclusive supplier of TBC Bank’s status clients; Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater systematically orders bouquets and stage design; We supply several food and entertainment outlets with Amelie bouquets;

What about future plans?

As to future plans, Amelie designers have passed long training and preparation courses and now Amelie offers wedding and events design services too. This direction is very interesting for us. Amelie finds it comfortable to design events and then receive compliments from many people. This is very pleasant process and our  main mission is to maintain goodwill of our customers.

Amelie has been created by friendship and love. It cares for every person related to Amelie. Therefore, we think Amelie will further grow in the name of friendship and develop many other directions, besides flowers. Amelie loves yummy pancakes, creating cloth designs. Consequently, it is not ruled out that Amelie open a cafe and clothing shop in the future.