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First Online Shop Selling Knitted Decorations

Knitdecor.ge is the first interior knitted decoration online brand which was founded in 2015 by three people: Nino Bichiashvili, Mariam Vardanashvili, and Nino Kikodze. Knit Decor offers its customers a wide range of sophisticatedly designed knitted decoration for their house. We offer you the interview with the co-founder and director of the company, Nino Bichiashvili.


Tell us about your startup, how did you come up with an idea of creating your company and etc.

We wanted to create a cozy and comfortable environment in the interior and establish Hygee concept in Georgia which is associated with relaxation and coziness in the daily life. For that reason, we created Knit Decor and used a new trend in the interior design- knitted decorations.


What kind of process does it require to make your product? How many people are employed in your company?

Most of our products are handmade and unique. There are about 10 women who make these products. We also work on weaving loom which enables us to make a large amount of production. We have a lot of modern but vintage style products designed differently: There are knitted rugs, carpers, poufs, pillows and different accessories such as: watches, baskets, pots and etc. Knit Decor also offers customers simple online Shopping and free service of delivery.

How did people react to your product, who is your target group?

Our brand is created for all age and social groups. We have different lines of production: modern, vintage, and children.

In the beginning, our brand was focused on retail sales however, a lot of large companies contacted us and as a result, Knit decor makes products for hotels, shops and creates interior for different companies.

At the same time, we maintain retail sales online and our customers can also buy our products at the stand in Homemart.

In addition, we are planning to open show room with other furniture producer companies which will offer customers furniture and house accessories made in Georgia.


Considering your production is quite well-known, do you have orders from abroad and do you export your products?

Currently, we don’t export our products however, there is a big interest and we are planning to do it in the future.

What is the situation at the market concerning encouraging business? Do you manage to position yourself in a competitive environment?

The environment for startup is very flexible; however there are a lot of challenges as well. When we have to find material and recourses for our products, we need to import a lot of things which increases the price and therefore, we are dependent to different external factors.