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First Georgia Produced Bikes Appear At the Market

Young bike lovers start producing Georgian bicycles. The project is ready and innovative bikes will appear in September 2017 at the market. The author of the business idea is Beka Kiknavelidze.

At present, Beka is a head of bikes importer company bike.ge. The new project will be implemented by Georgian Bicycle Group, Daughter Company of bike.ge.

As Kiknavelidze noted in the interview with BusinessPressNews,startup was established a month ago. Currently, they are working to make project more sophisticated.

Georgian bikes producer factory will be located in Tbilisi and employees will get master classes from experienced German engineers. Products will be sold online. Georgian Bicycle Group is planning to export the product to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Bike.ge imports German and Slovakian bicycles which cost around 200-500 euro. There are different kinds of bicycles you can buy at the company and they also offer a renting service.