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First Fresh Cosmetics Handmade in Georgia

Euphoria is the first fresh cosmetics startup which was founded by two friends. One of the founders, Ana Sulaberidze talks about the challenges and obstacles Euphoria had to face entering Georgian market.


Tell us about you, when did you come up with an idea of creating the company?

Euphoria is a startup which was founded by two friends, Ana Sulaberidze and Irina Papashvili. We are both psychologists but we have very different profiles. Last summer, I used to show Irina foreign brands which produced fresh cosmetics and we decided we could do it as well. We had a success from the beginning.

The production is made in Georgia, how do you guarantee the quality and where exactly do you produce your product?

At this stage, we make the cosmetics at our workshop and purchase one part of the raw materials locally and import rest from abroad, from US for example. We want to extend our company and gain certificates in the future.


What were challenges you had to overcome while entering market?

We had a lot of positive response from people; there was an interest and demand from public. There are difficulties as well, though. Some of the customers think that Georgian product is low quality and it is hard to gain trust in this sense, however, the ones who used our product are now assured that we product high quality products. It should also be noted that our product is not known and this is a big obstacle. People don’t understand the difference between fresh cosmetics and normal cosmetics. Some people don’t even understand what are our products for and what they can use them for. It is quite natural and we are doing our best to inform people about our production.

What is your target segment?

We have different groups of customers. Some of our product is targeted for young people and others are for middle-aged women.


How is Euphoria going to position itself on the competitive market? Do you plan to export your products abroad?

Euphoria is the first Georgian fresh cosmetics brand. We offer our customers 100% natural and bio cosmetics and we want to add many more products, therefore we will have to work a lot in this field. As for export, it is too early to talk about it. When we establish ourselves on local market, we can start thinking about export.