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Fazzoletto – New Georgian Brand of Men’s Accessories

Fazzoletto, a new Georgian brand with new concept and profile, has appeared on Georgian market. The company has determined priority directions – businessmen, who prefer business and classic styles.

At this stage, the company offers accessories made by two Georgian designer girls – handkerchiefs and ties. Fazzoletto products appeared at Merani shopping gallery and Da Vinci store, as well as in the internet space two days ago.


The company plans to offer top quality accessories with new design to both Georgian and foreign clients.

The marketer has interviewed Ana Shaniani, one of the founders of Fazzoletto company, about the history of brand foundation and development strategy.

-What does the name of Fazzoletto mean?

-Fazzoletto means a handkerchief in Italian – accessory for putting it in the front pocket of a suit coat. Top quality fabrics have inspired us.  We sew our products of natural silk, Italian fabrics. Therefore, we have selected an Italian name.

Ana Shaniani

-Why accessories for men?

-The Georgian market lacks for men’s accessories. We frequently hear: what to buy for men? No Georgian designer produces any cloth or accessories for men. This tendency is intensified stage by stage.

-How do you create the accessories and where do you buy  fabrics?

-When making drafts, we do not stop on the first variant. We improve the design for a period of one month and choose the best one. I and Mariam manage to harmonize our ideas in interesting and useful way and transform our views into one product. We also employ a tailor, who produce our products due to design. Ties are made by hand, while sewing machine is used for handkerchiefs.  As to fabrics, at this stage, we buy material in Georgia, at an Italian store. We plan to launch material imports from Italy in about a week.