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Event Company Marmenio Offers Affordable Service

Event Company Marmenio founded two friends in Spring 2017- Mariam Barnabishvili and Nino Chikvadze. Their purpose is to make their service available for middle-income people. They organize decorating of any kinds of events, wedding, corporate party, store opening, engagement or birthday party. As they say, open-air weddings are quite popular this year. Marketer had an interview with Mariam Barnabishvili:


What was your experience in event management field, what was the motive to found Marmenio?

I had a wedding last year and I discovered how expensive event companies’ service was, in terms of party decoration or even renting inventory. Consequently, we decided to do all this by ourselves which took our time and energy. We came up with the idea to create even company in Fall 2016 and started working in Spring 2017. As for the experience, Nino has a floral shop, so that she had some background in design and planning activities.

Why did you name your startup Marmenio?

We wanted a Georgian name, looking for random words in old Georgian dictionary and accidentally found marmenio, which means fate. Our company becomes the part of an important and fateful day od customers.

There are quite a lot of companies in Georgia, what’s your advantage? 

First of all, I should mention the price. We do not exaggerate when assigning value and offer as optimal price as possible. The arrangement of the ark and ceremony of signing marriage starts from 150 GEL, bride-groom table decorations from 200 GEL, placing flower bouquets on the guests’ table from 35 GEL. Nowadays the most popular service is renting lighthouse, conditions are individual in each case.

Which methods do you use to communicate with customers? How do they learn about you?

Via Facebook and Instagram. We represented ourselves through social networks where we placed our works and pictures.

What are the future plans of Marmenio? 

We intend to actively engage in decorating corporate parties. we want to introduce an inventory that has not used any company yet. we are currently renting out decorative bulbs and we want to add other decorations too, such as Dance floor. We also want to have our own location, which will be open-air and will be able to offer our customers  fully equipped site for the event.