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Edison Co – Georgian Students Created Door to Connect Europe

As a result of a marketing demand, Edison.ge was founded by Free University students and it offers software and hardware services to businesses and physical persons. The company was established a year ago and has implemented more than 60 projects. One of founders, Givi Beridze talks about the new initiative with Marketer.

The idea of Edison was born soon after we realized that; team has to have enough experience in business and a very deep knowledge in the technical part if you want to achieve success in technological field. Therefore, we started sharing knowledge, which means that we gave opportunities to people to turn their ideas into reality.Besides, we offered Mobile/Web/Desktop applications.

How did yo form Edison team?

There are basically 5 people working in Edison: Givi Beridze, Irakli Mskhiladze, Nikoloz Sikharulidze and Tornike Partsakhashvili.  There are many difficulties in the team because branding and PR were usually neglected, therefore we hired marketer, Zuka Gaprindashvili to implement these duties.

Which are your most significant projects?

I would like to choose Lase Combat- Laser waste coat, which is covered with sensors. We took an investment thanks to this idea and we will open our shop in East Point on the 17th of June. .