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Dots&Dashes-Morse Code “Wish Bracelets”

Dots & Dashes is Morse Code encrypted “Wish Bracelets”, which appeared only few days ago and became quite popular among customers. The co-founder of Dots&Dashes, Anka Sturua talks more about it.

Tell us about Dots& Dashes, what do you offer customers?

Dots & Dashes is a new company which was founded by me and my friend-Marika Sikharulidze. Our main activity is to produce hand-made bracelets. At first stage, we are offering “Wish Bracelets” to our customers and they can buy the product online, in social network, facebook and Instagram.   

Why did you choose Morse Code?

I think that it is very different and unique and makes bracelets very beautiful. I think everyone had a moment in their lives when they want to share their feeling with their beloved ones only. Morse Code is very hard to read, therefore it lets you keep feeling which is only yours and it will stay unnoticeable for others.

After Dots&Dashes appeared on the marker, are there a lot of people interested in the product?

To be honest, I did not expect such attention in the beginning. It’s been only few days we are on the market and we sold more than 100 bracelets which is really good result. 


 Did you find a way of advertising, how are you planning to reach more audience?

At this stage, we are trying to reach people via social media with the help of our friends. We took part in Vake Park Christmas Market and we are planning to participate in this kind of activities. We are also planning an advertisement campaign in social network which will be ready soon.

Tell us about your future plans

Currently, we have quite a lot of orders and we are busy with it. We want to offer very high quality products for the future. We are thinking about to expand our variety of products and offer more things to customers.