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Donate and Get Items For Free through Fulwish Website

Fulwish is a platform where anyone can donate the items they don’t use anymore. We all have such things at home that we should not throw away as someone might be more than happy to use it. Fulwish sets us free from unnecessary subjects. The platform concept has another side too- there are people who need some specific item, so they can search for it there.

Author of the idea is Giorgi Goguadze; Giga Mekhrishvili and Eliso Kirvalidze supported him to fulfill the project. As a result, it’s been two months since Fulwish is available, which already attracted 2100 users and 140 items had been donated.

How did you come up with the idea to create Fulwish and based of what need?

I didn’t like owning useless items for me that needed some space at home, but I was hesitating to throw it away. It would take me some time to find a person who’d actually use it. Ultimately, the item was still staying at the same place for years. 1 year ago,when organizing a closet, I found the clothes I would not wear again. Then, I decided to create a website with such concept, where two sides could easily find one another. I shared my idea to my friends who happened to like it, so that they helped me to create website, now we are a team.

What were the difficulties to implement a project?

Mostly, we were facing financial difficulties. We tried to participate in fund raising projects but we did not win. Despite that, we believed the success of the project. Our motivation was that we believed it could be something very useful for people, as well as environment. We did our best to put our energy and saving to fulfill our wish.

Is there any similar platform in Georgian or international digital space? What’s you advantage?

There’s no similar website in Georgia. There are some social network groups everywhere but it’s not organized, it takes time and energy. Customer has trouble to find out which item is already given away and needs to scroll until he finds what he searches for. This process is very simple through Fulwish. It’s also good for environment as it is consumed by a person, rather than throwing away as a garbage. People might get used to the idea not to purchase any single item that can be found on the platform.

What is the use process of Fulwish?

After simple sign-up, user should upload a picture of the item with description. The one who likes it, presses the button ”I Wish”. The owner will select the one he wants to give. After confirmation, they meet each other according to owner’s schedule and location.