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Dog Ringo from Tbilisi with its Startup and Video Diary

When I see streets full of dog’s feces I might faint. I have been worried about it for 11 years. But what we, dogs can do when we can clean the feces on our own? It should be fixed by the owners,” – this is how dog Ringo from Tbilisi starts video blog where he tells the story of creation dog feces waist bag “Ringo” and its needs.

As Ringo says, a few months ago, he with the help of his friends and owner Nestan designed the item that serves the help of owners to make the city cleaner. In the waist bag, you will find 20 pieces of biodegradable plastic bags for cleaning dogs’ feces. Nestan is assistant of Ringo in terms of communication with users and social Startup functioning.

“This is the endemic problem of our city and Tbilisi does not deserve so much dirt and rubbish. In order to solve the problem I took the responsibility and we created the waist bag that protects our environment and nature. The bag is made of leather (if you wish it can be leatherette) to hang on the belt of a faithful friend. The bag consists of 20 pieces of biodegradable plastic bags so the owner can pick up the feces,” – said Ringo at Marketer.

As Nestan says, at this moment in online stock there are 8 color waist bags. The price for each bag is 20 GEL. The price includes the biodegradable plastic bags and courier service. Besides online shop, you can purchase the bag at Gallery 27th and Zoo Gallery. Very soon the bags will be distributed in other zoo shops as well. Ringo’s initiative has already been embraced by the dogs and their owners