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Cosy – A New Georgian Clock Brand

It all started in 2015 when friends who loved working with woods decided to make clocks. They created a clock brand ‘Cosy’ together. “It was difficult in the beginning. We started selling our production at the Flea market and then we created a facebook page. In 2016, few companies contacted us and put our products in online shops.  We use unique design and silent mechanism”.


What was the main inspiration to create the brand?

When you don’t find things you like, create it yourself!

What is your advantage in terms of providing service?

Our main advantage is that our clock is unique and we don’t make similar clocks.

Do you collaborate with Georgian or foreign conceptual online shops?

Currently, we collaborate with online shop nido.geWe also have offers from other shops and we conduct negotiations at present.

Do you collaborate with Georgian startup companies?

We participated in the exhibition sales Startup Market 2016, where we established contacts with the representatives of other startup companies and we are planning to create a new product with few of them in the future.


Do you use local materials or do you import if from abroad?

We use local materials because we complete the order as soon as possible and quality control is made directly when we sell it, so that we can guarantee the quality.

What are the advantages your brand has compared to other similar brands?

I already talked about its unique character but I want to add that 100% of is handmade and we use silent mechanism which makes it more comfortable for customers to use the product. Most importantly, the price is also very relevant.