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Innovative Services of Concierge Tbilisi to Simply Life

Concierge Tbilisi to Simply and Enjoy the Very Best of Life

Concierge Tbilisi offers a wide range of services including corporate deals or family trips, special occasions and transportation, cultural or religion discoveries, wine tours and extreme experiences, exclusive access to major events in the sports, theater, music and arts scenes in Georgia and much more.

Concierge Tbilisi lifestyle management program is the only one in Georgia and provides services to local and international prestigious clients. There are things that money can’t buy and this is exactly when you need it.

Thus, the company implemented an innovative personal concierge service by taking full responsibility for restaurant or hotel booking, or anything the client wishes. Hence, the client will have much more spare time to dedicate to leisure activities, friends or family members.

The founder of Concierge Tbilisi, Lizz Khabazashvili spoke to MARKETER about the creation of this idea. As well as she noted those services the company offers to its customers.

What are the services offered by Concierge Tbilisi?

“Concierge Tbilisi” appeared on the Georgian market since 2015. At first, before the Georgian society would be familiar with the concept of the concierge, we were mainly focused on foreign guests.

In developed countries, especially in Europe, the service of the concierge is related to the people involved in business or having chaotic lifestyle, but it is not used in everyday just for problem solving.

Concierge is also associated with luxury lifestyle management, including access to places you dreamed to visit or attend.

Concierge is a person who is often the master of the ins and outs of their locale and who will make you feel special and distinctive by realizing all the wishes a clients have.

How did the idea of such type of company establishment was born?

The idea came as a result of using concierge service while being abroad. Besides the fact I almost never have time to plan my own trip, moreover I am comfort-loving person, this service is really the best opportunity and facilitation.

Thus, we have decided to implement the culture of concierge also in Georgia. We saw that Georgian market demanded for such services.

Consequently, after the researches conducted, we have decided to unite this service into one space, by saving time and avoiding stress for the people.


The main challenge in this business was to raise awareness for busy people that they should not care about hotel reservation, or other services.

Many people believe that they are able to solve everything by themselves and there is no help needed. However, when you are a business person and you do not have time for anything, concierge service is true luxury for them. Our partners enthusiastically accepted Concierge service implementation in Georgia.

Concierge Tbilisi lifestyle management program the only one in Georgia and provides services to local and international prestigious clients. There are things that money can’t buy and this is when you need us.

We will help you obtain the unobtainable, provide best rates and give you time to enjoy the very best of life.

Lifestyle management program offers:

  • 24/7 Concierge assistance

  • VIP Travel

  • Accommodation

  • Private transfers

  • Priority immigration clearance

  • Restaurants

  • Special occasions

  • Personal care

  • Bespoke events

  • Recreational & Entertainment requests


Who is your customer?

The target audience is individuals and corporate segment as well. In general, the representatives of medium and high-income society offer concierge service.

As for the team of “Concierge Tbilisi”….

In our team there are highly qualified professionals. Our knowledge extends to areas such as tourism, investor relations, event management, marketing, PR and international and government relations. Our team consists of 7 people.

It should be noted that me and our company’s general manager are the main concierges. We shared our knowledge and experience with the rest of the 5 members of the team, and now they are dealing the activities of concierge with us.

There are quiet complex criteria in terms of Concierge selection. Accordingly, the Concierge must be qualified, have very good contacts, to be sociable, to be listened to customer requirements, have the motivation and the spirit with which we started this business.