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Clothtome.com-Renewed Second Hand Online Shop

Clothtome is a renewed second hand shop and its main aim is to give a new life to unique items and offer society an eco-friendly clothes. The founder of the shop, Tea Kobakhidze, chooses a second hand clothes with his team and creates the final version of it. Then she posts it online. You can find a blog as well on website where you can find out more about advantages of using second hand clothes.

Tell us about your businesss, what do you offer customers?

Clothtome offers customers second hand clothes made of natural materials. The clothes are chosen one by one, it’s renewed and cleaned professionally. The main idea of Clothtome is to offer eco-friendly clothes and at the same time to give a second chance to unique items.


Tell us, what does your working process look like, how do you find and process the clothes?

We start with a search in the second hand store to find a high quality and well-designed natural material made clothes and then, we renew it with the help of sewer, change the lining, zipper and clean it. Afterwards, we have a photo session.

The customer can buy the product online and will receive it during 3 working days. If she does not like it or it is not the right size, we will take back our product and reimburse the money.


How affordable are your prices?

I think that we have quite attractive prices. If we consider that the clothes are cleaned and renewed, the prices are really good. They are of course more affordable than the same quality clothes which are new.

What makes you differ from your competitors?

We are unique in terms of quality, natural material and renewed and cleaned clothed. At the same time, we have a blog and we are working on exporting our goods abroad.


What are your future plans?

Our short-term plan is to participate in “Start App Market”, which will take place on 17-18 of December on 11th of Didube. I am also planning to work on export and also add Georgian version to website and involve other sections as well, which will be available for customers very soon.