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Capo Shoes– Brand for Comfortable Walking – Spontaneous Startup by Gvantsa Daraselia

About 2 months ago TV presenter Gvantsa Daraselia, jointly with Dima Kitia, introduced a new Georgian footwear brand – Capo Shoes.

During one of the friendly interviews, she told that the spontaneous startup pays much attention to comfortable walking of the consumers. The company makes focus on creating convenient shoes lasts marketer.ge reports.

The company products are sold at the Brand’s showroom, on Paliashvili 47 in Tbilisi. The company owners say that it is available to order exclusive models. 

M: – What materials do you use to produce Capo footwear? Who work on creating the product?

-Several persons work on creating footwear at the plant. As to materials, I think this aspect is one of the key advantages of our company. All shoes are made of high quality and natural leather, chamois-leather and other materials. The main thing is that we make focus that all shoes have convenient lasts. Besides visual aspects, we prioritize to make our shoes comfortable. We had certain fears in this direction. We have examined reactions and appraisals of the first consumers. According to their reactions, we have concluded that Capo footwear is very comfortable and We are very happy. 

Gvantsa Daraselia

M: What is your vision for Capo development? 

-We plan to create summer and spring collections and to open brand stores in active tourism zones. Moreover,we plan to participate in all events related to Georgian product popularization. We have exhibition as part of Demand Georgian campaign and we plan to popularize Georgian products on domestic market.