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Buyers.ge -Online Space of All Products on Georgian Market

Buyers is an idea, which unites young and creative people who created an unique online shop to sell all kinds of Georgian products. The aim of the creators of buyers is to establish new movement which enables small and larger enterpriser to advertise and sell their products not only at the local market but abroad as well.

There are various categories for different products: designers, women, men, children and etc. which are also divided in subcategories. There are about 40 employees in the Buyers team and marketer conducted an interview with Nino Dolidze, Head of Content Development.

Why did you decide to offer different types of products to your customers?

We are focused on discovering and offering high-quality products irrespective of its category.  Our aim is make it easier for customers to find the product they are looking for and offer them the best quality.

What is the form of your partnership and communication with physical and legal person?

The aim of Buyers is to develop e-commerce which includes appearing new markets in the country. We want to help producers and importers to establish on this market. If the product quality is satisfactory, we start collaboration with any company or physical person.

How does delivery service time change considering geographical location?

It takes 24 hours to provide delivery service on Tbilisi scale. Most of the deliveries are made on the same day in the capital. In the regions, it takes no more than 48 hours.

What is the purpose of Blog and who creates the content?

Blog Bugers Mag will be the main communication channel for the brand where all the pictures and visual materials will be posted. Blog content is created by Buyers team.

Buyers working space is located in the historical building in old Tbilisi, which has a status of cultural heritage. We want to make our space alive with exhibitions and events. We organized a show room where Georgian designers and artists exhibited their collections and work of art.

What is your price policy and how do you estimate company profit?

It is our policy to have same prices other shops have for the products. We don’t charge our customers with extra fees. The profit for our company is to earn certain amount of money when products are sold.