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Businesses and Startups Offered Work space for GEL 1 by Dirsi

Development firm AS Georgia-Dirsi has a special offer for businesses and startups. As part of its corporate social responsibility, Dirsi will offer new businesses workspace for the price of GEL 1 for a period of one year. 

Dirsi has allocated an area of 2000 m2 inside the largest multifunctional complex 5 km away from Freedom Square for emergency startups and fast-growing businesses. Apart from office space, Dirsi offers its customers co-working space, work desks, a conference hall, a meeting room and workshop space for entrepreneurs. Dirsi’s offer is tailored for freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs who cannot afford to rent an expensive office.

“This initiative has been devised by our firm as part of our corporate social responsibility, and it has already had a positive response from numerous new companies.This is our contribution towards the development of small businesses, which is a significant factor that determines the country’s economic growth. The first year is the most difficult period for a new business. The startups must overcome numerous challenges, including the problem of finding workspace. Therefore, we will provide them with workspace for a symbolic price of GEL 1 for a period of one year. I think that startup companies will have a successful start in Dirsi city,” AS Georgia-Dirsi PR Manager Keti Pachulia told Property Georgia.

International studies have revealed that traditional office space is going out of fashion, with employers trying to establish a diverse environment for their employees.The Dirsi initiative is based on the concept of a modern workspace. The complex includes residential and working space, as well as recreational zones. The recreational boulevard in Dirsi constitutes one of the main advantages that can also be enjoyed by the startup business operators using the workspace in the complex.

“We are choosing the space for startups based on their needs and priorities. Dirsi is a lot more than a residential complex – it is the place for a successful start,” states Keti Pachulia.

In November, Dirsi will deliver another interesting offer to its customers, which will concern residential apartments and will be tailored to the modern market.