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Business started by two students scholarship

Two students, Tina Osadze and Mariam Siordia decided to start their own business in 2016, while studying in ”Iliauni”. It was the period when they received scholarship and started to implement their idea by GEL 400. That’s how well-known brand ”Populus” has established.

Tina and Mariami met each other at ”IliaUni”, they got friends and found out hidden talents of one another, both of them liked embroidering. They used to embroider various accessorizes for their friends and family members in their spare time. Later, during one of the ”startup” they matched their talents and decided to realize innovative business idea.

”Populus” is a popular handmade wood bags and accessorizes brand nowadays among people. Their customers are attracted to brand’s uniqueness and design.


It’s been many years that laboratory ”FabLab” gives young people chance to create innovative product, among is Populus.

Tina and Mariam hold exhibitions in Georgia and are willing to do so outside the borders. A customer is able to choose the design, as through internet, also purchase it on location.

Girls want to introduce Georgia to the world, that’s why each product has inscription: ”Made in Georgia”.

bags and accessorizes preparing process takes a lot of effort and time resource. First three is cultivated, then they shape it by using laser cut, they polish, paint, make it dry and add some more ornaments. It takes one day to make one handmade bag, which makes it that unique.

Tina says that she remembers their first customer very well, he was African-American tourist, who couldn’t help expressing how he liked.

”Firstly, he thought bags were made by leather. He looked carefully ornaments, grabbed a bag, took it close to the eyes, and once he found out that material was wood, he couldn’t hide surprise. He said, the bag was intended for his girlfriend.”

Product of Populus can be found in various stores besides social network, one of the shop is ”Crafting Corner”, which is located on Asatiani 23. According to store manager, Mariam Akhobadze, the shop opened in 2016 and Populus was the first provider.

”Populus is in demand of tourist, as well as celebrities. They are innovative in cultivating wood, design is very interesting. The material is done in a way that it’s hard to realize it’s wood.”- Mariam Akhobadze says.

Tina and Mariam have plenty of plans, they would like to cooperate with several designers and represent their work at fashion weeks, festivals and exhibition in Georgia, as well as abroad. They are going to stock their products in other stores as well, and expand their business by developing product.

Author: Amiran Kopadze