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Brandit Marketing Agency in Georgian Advertising Industry

Since October 2016, the  Brandit – Marketing Agency appeared in the Georgian advertising industry, which is the idea of Giorgi Bakhutashvili. The company has already implemented several projects. Its main objective is to provide high quality complex services in the existing competitive environment. Marketer had an interview with Giorgi Bakhutashvili.


Tell us about the stages of developing the idea…

When your profession is a Marketer, your spouse is also a Marketer and even friends are in the same field, why not. We haven’t thought of the name of the company much, as we have a specific niche to do branding. As for implementation process, I was a marketing leader and I had designers working for me. Then, we decided to work on branding, we created logo and facebook page. It turned out successful because of my friend’s creative posts. We realized it was a good idea and followed it.

What does Brandit offer to customers? 

Brandit cooperates with companies with different sizes, shapes or character. Every customer is a new challenge for us, the client company wants to be different from others, and we all want our company to be different from the rest. Therefore, the difficulty is greater. We offer companies:
– Branding (logo, brandbuck, brand platform);
– Neming;
– Marketing Consulting;
– Digital Marketing;
– Social media management;
– Media posting;
– advertisements, advertising campaign planning and TV posting.

Where is your working space, what’s your style of working? 

In the summer season, we have a rather creative work environment in the open space where we gather interesting ideas. We turned our porch into office. instead of standard chairs and round tables, we gather around rectangular table, sitting on padons. Each project is planned there in a relaxing situation. We break down ideas right on the concrete or building wall, instead of using laptop or boards. Even though, we have enough employees, it’s very important for us what other people think, especially when creating logo. We meet friends there and play selecting games and after a long argument one logo is a winner.

Project list of Brandit..

We did branding for Georgian bags manufacturer brand-Gepherrin, which was liked a lot. Also,we worked on Griff Inn Bazaleti- branding, which opened last year and nowadays, you have to make a reservation for the hotel pool one week ahead. Delux Development- construction company, which went on international markets and inhabitants of Dubai got interested in purchasing flats.

How do you plan to compete on the market? 

Considering that we are very well aware of our competitors power and capabilities, agencies like – “Livingston”, Holmes and Watson, Windfor’s … which are already receiving international market-level advertisements awards – we will have to compete, perhaps at the cost of the product and quality. We are not at the level of these agencies, we have not worked on creative advertising, but we have technical and human resources. We try to solve this process with the price.