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Bone Crafts – Startup of Handmade Accessories of Organic Horn

Bone Crafts is a startup of accessories made of horn that was launched 2 months ago by Lika Soghoiani and has created a variety of jewelry, such as earrings, rings, hair clip.Organic, biologically pure jewelry can be purchased so far only on the Facebook business page or Instagram. Marketer had an interview with Lika Soghoiani:

How did you start processing horn and what advantages do Bone Crafts Jewels have with regard to competitors?

I like accessories, so that got interested to do it by myself. I came up with the idea to invent corn accessories, which I think is not very common on Georgian market, there is more accent on wood product. Bone Crafts are different and its color palette is very natural. Most importantly, crafts are organic, without  chemical interference.

What are the products you currently produce; Do you plan to add more variety?

I create handmade earrings, rings and hair clips. I am thinking to produce pendants in the future, I have several and working on improving. I would like to make designs more diverse.

From where do you get material; What’s the technique of corn processing? 

I buy material in the village, that I wash it, sterilize and shape them by using various tools. Every work done is by hand.

What’s the cost of product, which direction do you intend to develop? Do you plan to expand and find new ways of realization?

The prices of the product is from 10 to 30 GEL. At this stage, I want people to learn about Bone Crafts, try new designs. In case, I achieve desired realization quantity, according to demand, I’ll expand producing and improve service.