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Audio Guide Georgia Application for Tourists

Audio Guide Georgia launched few days ago. The application for tourists consists information about tours and audio guide about historical sites. Maps,GPS and audio are available offline when downloaded. The author of an idea is a graphic and web-designer Nikoloz Getsadze. Marketer had an interview with Nikoloz:

How and when did you create Audio Guide Georgia? 

2 years ago, I realized that number of tourists was increasing. Most of them could not afford to hire a guide, so that they had lack of information. I decided to search for a customized method of audio guide in the world. I developed the idea, created design and business plan, which won Enterprise Georgia prize. I hired professionals in January and implemented project is ready in market.

What’s the purpose of the application? 

The main purpose is to share verified, high-quality information of Georgia sightseeings to get familiar with our culture, art and history. We found quite practical and innovative way for that. Application can also contribute in tourism development.

What is the price of using Audio Guide Georgia? 

It is free to download and some information is available free of charge: Audio archive of some sightseeings, maps, food objects and entertainment list. While complete audio guides require payment.

Which tours are available at this stage, who’s the author of tours?

It consists 5 tours at this stage: Tbilisi central tour, Batumi old and modern part tours, Mestia and Ushguli. We are going to add 5 more tours during following 2 months: old town, Kutaisi and Kakheti 2 tours. We selected sites based on its popularity. Information is processed from books and other eligible sources. Tour author is Tamar Amashukeli- an art critic, historian, TV host and cultural heritage specialist.