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All-Terrain Vehicle Tours-Extreme Startup

Extreme tourism becomes more popular in Georgia due to the country’s natural resources and market requirements. ”Freeriders” is a two Georgian friends’ startup,first company in Georgia which offers ATV tours nearby Lisi Lake.   Marketer had an interview with one of the founder- Zuka Nabelishvili.

What was the motive to found Freeriders and what experience and knowledge did you have in this field?

It had always been my hobby extreme sport, I decided to make it as a commercial activity. I was 15 years old when I got a summer job and bought my desired motorbike-Yamaha DT-50 with saving. Here it starts my Motorbike career and traveled all Georgia, especially to the places where it’s hard to get by an automobile. We wanted to share our experience to people and that’s how we founded company Freeriders, which gives you opportunity to travel around in Georgia and get an adrenaline.

How do you plan routes, what do you consider when choosing a destination?

We have offer tours for beginners, medium and extreme customers. Every tour provides a guide. Our main area is around Lisi Lake, where short tours are held everyday from 10AM to 8PM. Short tours aim is people to try their abilities and simply to have fun with their friends or even by themselves.

We also offer half-day tours on Chili lake, 1day adventure trips towards Didgori or David Gareji Desert. In addition to that, extreme lovers can choose a bit more difficult destinations in mountainous regions like Tusheti, Stepantsminda, Svaneti and Khevsureti.

What are the requirements that costumer should meet in order to participate in tours?

Anyone who 18+ can take a tour. Our instructors will easily teach you how to ride ATV if you’ve never tried to.

What is the safety standard?

We give you all the necessary accessories that are needed for your safety on a ATV. Our every guide is professional and they’ll help you to overcome any difficulty during a tour.

Are the tours seasonal ? 

every season is very interesting to take a ride:There is a mud in Autumn and Spring,which is perfect for riding. pro of Summer is that roads are open in mountainous regions. Winter snow makes tours more extreme.

What age categories are you oriented on?

Our Segment is quite large: from young extremist to families. We even have had wedding photo shoot.

What are your plans to develop extreme tourism?

We’re working on finding new routes.Planning to increase number of vehicles. We would like to cooperate with the Ministry of Tourism Development,In the direction of extreme tourism development.