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Agate Organic Cosmetics – Joint Startup of Two Georgian Students

On the 15th of January, 2017 new cosmetics producer Georgian brand Agate was launched. The brand was founded by two students from GAU Business Administration Faculty, Nini Resulidze and Mariam Ghlonti. Marketer conducted an interview with one of the founders, Nini Resulidze who talked about the development strategies and advantages of the brand.


How did you come up with an idea to produce Georgian cosmetics and name it Agate?

We were in Bulgaria a year ago, where I noticed that many tourists bought Bulgarian cosmetics and we did the same. After that, we decided to produce cosmetics which would be affordable for both tourists and locals. Agate is still a experiment project, but we tried to come up with a concept for the product, which tourists could take from Georgia as a kind of souvenir. We named it agate as it is a sophisticated word and a symbol of beauty and sophistication and we took it from Knight in Panther’s Skin.

What assortment of products do you offer customers currently?

At this stage, there are 3 kinds of products: nail polish, liquid lipstick and a normal one which gives an intensive colour to lips.

What is your pricing policy and strategy to develop Agate?

Nail polish costs 6 GEL, liquid lipstick- 9 GEL and lipstick -7GEL. We have 5 different colours at the moment and we want to add more colours. We are going to add new products soon.