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Georgian Natural Lemonade Start-up – Mosvi

There is a new stand placed in Borjomi National Park which offers people fresh lemonades. ‘’Mosvi’’ (EN:Take a sip) is the name of recently launched startup managed by 27 years old Tako Tsikhelashvili.

She had an interview with Marketer and shared how she started her business and about her plans.

Why did you decide to start a lemonade startup?

I love this beverage, especially non-alcoholic Mojito. It’s also very popular among My friends and people around me. It was hard for us to find it in the streets, you had to order it at cafe and you’re not always fully satisfied with its taste. I always needed to do my own business and once I found myself less busy I put my idea to implementation this Summer.

How many levels did you have to overcome till you made your idea come true?

I took courses at Culinary Academy and as a result I prepare syrups by myself,at home. In accordance with all conditions, 10-day storage period. I use mineral water- either Borjomi or Likani- and mix it with a little bit of Sprite for aroma. I buy fruit in Borjomi, trying products to be natural. I bring clean and frozen fruit to the stand where I have refrigerators and freezer and I prepare drinks in front of customer.

Why did you pick Borjomi as your location? Do you have any employees?

I’m originally from Borjomi and I managed to lease the spot in Borjomi Park. I thought it would be easier to obtain fresh fruit here,as I have more acquaintances here. I’m the one who leads everything at this stage,although there is one girl whom I teach preparing lemonades.


What types of lemonades do you offer to customers, what is the price?

We offer:lemon classic, raspberries, strawberries, Mojito and vitaminized tonic water for the ones who work out in the park, it consists:mint,lemon,ice and mineral water. We have standard size cups, 350 mg and tonic water price is starting from 1.5 GEL, lemonade costs 3 to 5 GEL, 5 is the maximum which is the price of berries lemonade,as it’s more expensive itself.

To which direction are you planning to develop your business?

I am participating in program of ‘’Enterprise Georgia’’. I’m on the second level and preparing business plan. I think, this kind of business is more suitable for seaside. If I get funded, I want to buy all the inventar and place the stands in Batumi or Lisi Lake. Everything need to be planned very carefully first.