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Nanuka Chikviladze

20-Year-old Georgian Designer’s Hats Go to Europe

ANA N ANA creates hats. Main collections are created in Georgia by my family members and friends. We use various types of threads for creating all models in Georgia: 100% cotton, wool, mohair, merinos. We will also receive 100% alpaca from Barcelona and musk ox thread, Nanuka Chikviladze told Marketer.

We have waited for our turn for 8 months to buy 300 grams of each one. They are so precious and rare that in decorations I use Georgian agate and silk, crystals and stones from India, feather of various birds from Turkey. 

“The brand makes focus on partners, who are interested in handmade and expensive goods. Our clients are people, who seek special and extraordinary producrts. Prices of the 2018-2019 autumn-winter collection starts from 115 USD and hits 1000 USD. ANA N ANA products were introduced to European market in November – in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf,” Nanuka says.

ANA N ANA is a brand, which offers emotion along with various comfortable models, which confers glamor and specialty to the owners.

At this stage, only women have access to buy this emotion. The collection is created due to my taste and each hat is accompanied by a list of colors. The clients select the model colors themselves, but the design is the same for everybody. Besides collection models, I have made Unique Line and our clients receive photos of our unique models on email.

“At one of the exhibitions in Hamburg, I got to know Dutch hat designer Peter de Priz, who approved my ideas and offered cooperation. Today HutDevries works on collection of ANA N ANA hats. This is my first collaboration”.