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Nigel Kay: Good Communication is Essential in an Emergency

Nigel Kay, the former BBC reporter and expert of crisis communications, conducted a workshop for media, regarding emergency and crisis management in Borjomi, on the 2nd of May. The training was supported and organized by State Security and Crisis Management Council of Georgia as well as ASB, Georgian Red Cross, …

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9 November- Could it be Another Tragic Date in the History?

9th of November is a very important date in the German history and at the same time have the same importance for Europe and the rest of the world. In 1923, Hitler declared himself leader in Munich, Bavaria and that was only the beginning of dreadful events which was followed …

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How Aviation Sector Grows in Georgia

The past 4 years has showed unprecedented upturn in aviation sector. 2 186 684 passengers – over the past 9 months, 103% growth, compared to 2012. Upturn in passenger turnover at Georgian airports is the result of the reasonable policy that our country follows, as well as the result of …

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Challenges of Introducing Renewable Energy Sources in Georgia

The importance and use of renewable energy sources (RES) has been raising in recent years on a global scale. Therefore, the significance of this issue is increasing for Georgia as well. However, Georgia has already been an observer of Energy Community (EnC) since 2007 and applied for full membership in …

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