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Tbilisi Gardens – First New York Style Skyscraper in Georgia

Tbilisi Gardens, a 29-story skyscraper in green environment on Asatiani Street, is built in accordance with U.S standards, making it a truly genuine American place to live.

Lika Kardava, the host of Georgia’s number one real estate programme (Sakmiani Dila, TV Pirveli) interviewed Saulius Mikaliunas, Tbilisi Gardens Project Manager.

– Construction quality, including technical and engineering systems, is one of the key factors for a development project. What advantages does your project Tbilisi Gardens have in this regard?

The project is developed by Quadrum Global. Most of the developments by Quadrum Global are being done in USA, NY and Maiami. Fund uses very similar approach for all projects, thus Tbilisi Gardens is not an exception with regards to the quality.

Tbilisi Gardens was designed from the beginning as middle -upper class complex. Everything was thought from the beginning of the design process and continues during the construction.

The decision was made to make the project as comfortable for buyers as possible, offering: Lobby with concierge, Waiting area; Pools, Fitness; Event hall; Kindergarden;

The quality is not only about the quality of materials but also about the quality of design solutions, including: Terraces free from engineering; All vertical engineering systems located in the common corridors, not apartments; No beams on the ceilings.

As for the quality of the materials used, we have chosen the materials that will last a long time and have good specifications.

We choose very carefully: Entrance door; Aluminium windows; Aluminium façade cladding; Stone (carrara marble) cladding; All engineering equipment.

Theoretically this building could be easily turned into high class hotel without changing any materials we used for the building.

– What construction materials are used by Tbilisi Gardens for the project, are they proven and certified? 

We know that it is very fashionable in Georgia to use European materials. However, the production country does not guaranty the quality of particular product. For example, some Turkish and Ukrainian products are very good quality as they sometime follow the European standards more than some European companies themselves. So, we better study very carefully the certificates, test certificates of the products that contractor proposes to use. Of course, we always study the live examples before we install them in the building. We always make the mock ups before continuing with the big construction.

We use: Mitsubishi elevators; Lorenso line aluminium systems; Carrara Marble; Knauf gypsum systems; Sika insulation; URSA Thermal insulation; Vitra tiles and sanitary; Caparol and Jotun; JBL audio systems; Alcatel fire alarm systems; Georgian basalt stone.

– Tbilisi Gardens fully complies with American NFPA fire code. What does American safety standards mean for Tbilisi Gardens, and for the construction and development market in general?

Life safety goes first. Israeli designers and consultant followed NFPA code as it is well developed and applicable in Georgia. NFPA code is quite strict and minimises the possibility of people casualties. In the Tbilisi Gardens You will find: Sprinklers in all public areas; Public address systems in all public areas; Smoke extraction in all public areas; Emergency lighting in all public areas; 2 independent evacuation staircases pressurised by air.

All materials we use are not combustable. In general, all countries as well as Georgia, have to have strict fire codes. Before Georgia has one – NFPA is a very good alternative.

– Energy efficiency and sustainable buildings have better investment opportunities today and in future. How these standards are adapted in Tbilisi Gardens projects, how dwellers will benefit?

It is all about the money. It is expensive to build energy efficient buildings. Investors shall assess the market very carefully and understand if buyers are willing to pay for energy efficiency. In Europe, it is controlled on the government level and from this year it is not possible to get the building permit if the efficiency is lower than class A. In Tbilisi Gardens we did everything to reduce the heating and cooling loss in the apartments. We insulate all facades, insulate the roofs, use tight window systems, we use only LED lighting wit movement sensors everywhere. We definitely go for class B for the certification.

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– After project completion will you offer building maintenance service to the residents of Tbilisi Gardens?

Maintenance of a building is essential to keep facilities in the best condition. Management of Tbilisi Gardens will provide the following services to the dwellers:

  • Concierge service at the lobby
  • Security of the territory
  • Security of the building
  • Maintenance of the Territory, including cleaning, trash removal, landscape gardening
  • Cleaning of common spaces
  • Maintenance of the Common Engineering systems of the building including Ventilation systems, Electrical and Lighting of the common spaces, Sprinkler systems, Smoke exhaust systems, Trash Shute, Generator, Potable water tank on the roof, Sprinkler water tank
  • Maintenance of the lifts
  • Maintenance of the common spaces – repair of surfaces, doors, windows.