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Tbilisi City Hall Suspends Construction of Sveti Complex

Sveti development company was building a residential complex of Sveti in Didube without due building permit.

As a result, Tbilisi City Hall supervisory office has halted the construction works because of violation of project parameters. As resultant, the company clients, who have paid money for apartments in advance, demand explanations from the company management.

The sales manager confirms that the company has problems, but asserts that the the company will take the building permit later and the works will be continued.

According to the official website of Sveti company, it has been implementing several projects in Tbilisi: Sveti City 1 with 1200 apartments on Chkondideli Street in Nadzaladevi, Tsereteli Tower with 27 apartments on Tsereteli Avenue in Didube, Sveti City 3 with 15 floors on Nutsubidze Street and Sveti Isani with 10 floors on Kairo Street.