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REGUS Opened First Regional Flagship Office In Georgia

Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, has entered Georgia. On June 22, the leading player in the office market with 3000 offices worldwide, opened its first Georgian office, which is the very first in the region, in Tabidze 1 business center, located at Leinidze Street.

The opening ceremony was attended by the local and international private sector representatives and diplomatic corps.

“By presenting Regus in our A-class office building, we’re bringing innovation to Georgia’s office market. This is the company which expands very fast. In the last three years only the company has grown with 2000 offices,” stated Lasha Papashvili, General Director and Owner of the leading real estate developer Redix Group. “Freedom square is our first flagship center in entire Caucasus region. In total Regus opened 680 centers last year, such an expansion would be impossible without working with our partners. In Georgia, we have a very robust partnership with Redix Group whose very professional and enthusiastic team helped us bring Regus on the local market. Georgia is an incredibly interesting market for us. For the next five years, we estimate potential of Georgia at eight to ten centers in different formats,” declared Nikolai Deulin, Regional Director of Regus.

As he noted, Regus services are for those who appreciate benefits of convenience, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

“As a result of the of sharing model, our customers save from 20 to 40 percent in office costs versus conventional space,” he said. Property Georgia interviews Mr. Deulin to get more detailed information regarding Regus and its plans in Georgia. 


– Regus network includes almost 3000 business centres, spanning almost 900 cities across 120 countries. For now, Regus has one location in Georgia. What are the criteria why you chose A class office property Tabidze 1 Building?

Like many Regus locations world-wide, the building is at a prestigious address. This location in Tbilisi an instantly recognized address, in Freedom Square, at Leonidze Street between the trendy pedestrian street G. Tabidze and S. Machabeli Street. It is in a vibrant area of Tbilisi, in the heart of the capital and is a hub of business institutions, hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.

This first location in Georgia will be offering clients a prestigious location from which to work close to great amenities and strong transport links. Businesses in Georgia can now enjoy the benefits of flexible working in a modern and professional workplace environment on terms that suit their needs.

We respect that every business is unique and we are proud of a having a diverse customer base in terms of geography, sector, product use and size of business; from the very largest multinational corporations through to the very latest one-person start up. Regus is a workplace ecosystem that helps businesses work, by connecting them to the places they want to be in, and in a way they want. We respect the fact that everyone has individual and unique needs so part of it is about providing a personal service, which is why we place great emphasis on our local management. Anyone who requires a workspace can come to us so that we can solve their needs.

Regus started by pioneering flexible working over 25 years ago and have continued to lead the market ever since. We are leading the way by redefining the whole workplace industry. It is not just about physical space. It is about providing an entire ecosystem that supports business on global level and highly localized businesses too.


– Your products are revolutionary to the local market: Create a base in one location and get 3000 others to use as well or get cost-effective office space with the flexibility to use as little or often as needed or even further flexible option to use on-demand access to work-ready office space with no commitment – available by the hour. As amazing as these opportunities may seem, what about the local demand, have you conducted market studies in terms of office renting habits in Georgia? 

Like businesses in any capital city, companies in Tbilisi are facing scarce resources – people, time and energy – coupled with mounting space and technology costs, it is not unfeasible to imagine offices becoming giant social hubs with great meeting facilities: a location for the corporate brand and for stimulating intellectual exchange.

Regus is perfectly placed to support such a move towards such hub-and-spoke configurations, with smaller corporate centres linked to regional and/or satellite branch locations, with its’ strengths in the flexible, mobile working space market. So, offices will remain, but they will be radically different to what we currently have and use.

– Speaking about another product that Regus offers, Co-working, which combines in itself two sub-products open co-working and reserved co-working, could we say that today’s labor market is taking a big turn towards concrete job-tailored development where you can, for instance, drop in whenever you need, with desk space in a professional, shared environment on a first come first served basis or even make yourself at home with a personal desk and storage facilities in a professional, shared environment, just like Regus co-working products work?

Co-working is growing massively in popularity and not only among cash-strapped start-up and sole traders. The corporate world is also increasingly moving towards more flexible working models and employee demand is certainly driving it in the direction of the more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere found in co-working spaces.

Our research indicates that more than half of business people (53%) globally report that co-working reduces stress. Another benefit is that through greater choice of location along with a better social environment, the majority of co-working space users (72%) are seen to enjoy more diverse friendships and relations.


– As for virtual offices, available in any of Regus 3000 locations, how do they work?

The location of an office and the reputation of a business are often considered intrinsically linked. If you are looking to expand the reach of your company and increase customer trust, our virtual offices are a convenient and cost-effective solution offering big business image, without the cost. Start-ups and home-based businesses use them to gain an impressive business address, professional telephone answering and mail handling – without the cost of physical workspace.

Virtual Offices are also a great solution for those looking to enter new markets in a low-cost, low-risk way.

– As for Regus Meeting Rooms, what types of meetings can they be used for?

Our meeting rooms are customisable, cost-efficient and flexible. Customers are able to book them by the hour, not just by the day and can use them for different purposes:  business meetings, training sessions, presentations, conferences, interviews and videoconferencing. They are built for business and you can use them the way you want.

– What discounts and privileges does becoming Businessworld member offer?

Businessworld is Regus’ unique worldwide membership scheme – It offers cardholders instant access to business lounges, co-working spaces or office space right across the Regus global network of 3,000 locations – all at the swipe of a card.

The ultimate in productive mobile working, with more than a million members.

– Workplace recovery, is this product eligible of all types of businesses, regardless how big they might be?

Businesses of all sizes use our dynamic workplace recovery service. If a company’s own premises are unavailable because of weather situations or a burst water pipe, we help them stay operational until the problem is fixed. We provide dedicated fixed and virtual office space set up to customer’s exact needs, including telephone and IT connectivity.

– Will Regus bring all the products to Georgia from the very beginning or is there a more moderate starting-point plan?

Clients will have access to a business lounge, meeting rooms and serviced offices available on terms that suit their specific needs.

Regus is a workplace ecosystem that helps businesses work, by connecting them to the places where they want to be.


Source: propertygeorgia