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Red-Co to Start $60 Million Project in Tbilisi

The construction company Red-Co is planning to implement a project worth 60 million USD in Tbilisi, Krtsanisi – a territory where mainly diplomatic missions are located.

The company explained that construction of high-rise buildings is prohibited on the territory. Therefore, luxury apartments will be constructed, aimed at the representatives of the diplomatic missions. The manager of Red-Co Malkhaz Kinelauri explains that a small hotel will also be built on the territory.

According to him, it is difficult to talk about the details as they are in the process of acquiring construction permits. The company is planning to construct the complex across 8000 square meters. ”The project Luxury Apartments will be one of the most expensive complexes. It will include residences, hotel, and office spaces" – stated Malkhaz Kunelauri and pointed out that the deadlines depend on the acquisition of the construction permit.