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Qvevri-Shaped Hotel to be Built in Telavi

Hotel “Qvevri” will be built in the village of Shalauri in Telavi. The main goal of the hotel is to popularize Georgian wine and culture.

The hotel complex consists of a 15-room main building and a 20 qvevri cottage. According to the project, each pitcher will have the name of Georgian wine. Besides, there will be a pool, restaurant, bar and children’s corner.

According to Giorgi Kldiashvili, one of the project’s authors, the project is already approved, the construction works will begin in April, which will be completed in about 7 months.

“We have been working on this project for a long time. We have received permission from Telavi Municipality this week and we plan to start construction from next month. Investment is about one and a half million dollars.

The essence of this project is to be associated with Georgian wine. A tourist to get acquinted with viticulture and traditions.

The main building of the hotel will have 15 rooms and at the first stage, 20 qvevri will be located on the hotel area. Qvevri cottage will have durable structure, that is very good for thermoregulation.

The area is quite large – we have three hectares, with the prospect of development. The hotel will also cover – restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, children’s entertainment area, the yard will be green. The vineyard itself will be planted.

The view from the hotel is very beautiful, straight from qvevris. The lighting pitchers from Telavi center will appear directly “, – Kldiashvili said.

The hotel complex will be about 730 meters above sea level. The pitchers are placed in front of the main building. The hotel will be able to receive 60-70 guests simultaneously.