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Photo: ''Sesil'' Hotel

Paradise is Found in kaprovani by the Black Sea

How many times have you dreamed of being in a fairy-tale place you have seen only in advertising clips? I know that you think that such a paradise is far from you, expensive and inaccessible. However, I have to tell you that I have not gone through so much of my dream and found fairy-tale place by the Black Sea, in Guria.


Hotel ”Sesil” is located between Shekvetili and Ureki, in Kaprovani 100 meters away of the sea and is a unique place for both its location and concept that attracts relaxation lovers.


Imagine that you are in the sea. You’re enjoying a swim and  lay on the beach. First of all, the great wealth of Guria is magnetic sand which uniqueness is well-known outside Georgia and often is visited with young children. Once you pass the coast, the perennial coniferous forest begins, where the sea iodized saturated air becomes even more healthy. Crossing the road and now you see a leafy forest. Here, on this natural border, there are four cottages, each them are compatible for you and your children’s relaxation, where everything is ready and placed except your personal things.


”Sesil” is functioning its fourth season and covers four different cottages. In the smallest cottage (Sesil S) there are two rooms for 4 guests, and in its biggest (Sesil XL) there are 6 rooms where 6 to 9 people can live comfortably. Each cottage has its own isolated green yard, where you’ll have your own garden furniture, bicycles, flowers and chaise longues. You can even do the barbecue and invite neighbors for dinner in a fresh air.

Veranda and Kitchen

The place that you will love, what is missing in the majority of Tbilisi apartments. Great, spacious and functional veranda with a night-time romantic light, ideal for dinner, as well as cup of coffee.  You will need nothing in the fully equipped kitchen, with washing machine except products that are available at a fairly affordable market. If you decide to treat yourself and have prepared dinner, there is an easy solution: you can use a special discount at a hotel dining room 50 meters away from ”Sesil”.

©Hotel ”Sesil”


Rooms are cool with conditioning system, bathroom is comfortable and all itineraries are provided. In case you would like to rest to full, cleaning lady will take care of your cottage with extra fee. 


Hotel has an incredible management, that you’re more likely to befriend with them. They care about your holiday to be unforgettable and remember Kaprovani as the best place.


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