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New Year Sale – Apartment in Batumi with 50-Months Installment

As the New Year is approaching, a new but pleasant anxiety is added to everyone: What should I buy for my loved ones, what should I buy for myself? How can we meet the new year with new joy? The answer can be simple – a new residence (apartment) in Batumi with the best conditions. This is a gift that will make everyone happy.

Mardi Holding’s New Year Sale is exactly what will help you to match to your NY present and even long-term dreams. If you wish to live in a modern high-rise house close to the central highway and to the sea, this house if for you.

The Georgian construction and development company is taking care of its customers and allows you to buy a flat in Batumi, in the building called “House Bagrationi” located on the cross of Bagrationi and Airport streets. Within the scope of the special conditions there is a 50-month internal interest-free installment, with a preliminary payment of just 20% of the total price. The price of the square meter in the mentioned building is 1 024 GEL. This is a very good chance to buy a flat and pay its price step by step for 50 months.

This offer may be best if you take into account that Batumi is a resort town and a large number of visitors come here every year, therefore there is a great demand for hotel rooms and private apartments as well. According to the National Statistics Agency data, 1 262 799 tourists arrived in Batumi in 2017. The completion of the building is planned within 20 months, if you make a 50-month installment, the remaining 30 months you can turn this apartment into a source of additional income, lease it and pay the rent as monthly payment. It turns out that you will pay for the apartment for 20 months, and after that start renting the apartment and withdraw the amount paid.

As a result, the apartment in Batumi will be your summer vacation destination and a source of revenue for another period of the year. So hurry up and contact us: 574202020.