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m² Issues 30 million USD Bonds

m² Real Estate development company has issued 30 million USD bonds. The m² portfolio comprises commercial, office and storehouse spaces.

Over the past 4 years m² provides the fourth opportunity to customers to invest free financial resources in its own bonds and consequently, make their money work better.

The 3-year bonds are denominated in USD and its interest rate is 7.5% (untaxed). Payment are made on quarter basis.

m² bonds were placed by Galt&Taggart investments management company.

‘We are happy to announced the fourth and major issuance by m². The demand is recorded for the recently issued bonds and this fact proves the customers trust m² securities.

I would like to stress the unique character of the fourth issuance compared to three previous ones. It is fully secured by real estate and money flows attached to it. These money flows will serve the mentioned bonds. The portfolio that m² has used for bonds issuance has been appraised by international companies.

Bonds will be placed at the Stock Exchange and they may be bought through any brokerage company with due license”, m² director general Irakli Burdiladze noted.

The raised funds will be invested in hotels construction, Burdiladze said.