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m² Company Opens Construct2 Civil Engineering College

m² Real Estate company has held a ceremony for inauguration of Construct2 civil engineering college. Representatives of m², BK Construction, local self-government and news agencies attended the ceremony. The project is to prepare professionals for the construction sector and foster the sector development.

Genadi Arveladze, deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, also attended the inauguration of Construct2 company.

Construct2 is a joint project by Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and m² Real Estate development company and its total investment value is 3 million GEL.

With 11 short-term vocational programs, the college will educate about 600 certified specialists, while under the state program the college will prepare certified specialists in labour safety and environment technologies on annual basis. As part of the project, the college will employ about 50 academic and about 300 administrative specialists.

“The civil engineering college will receive the first students in 2019. It is the corporate social responsibility project of m² Real Estate aimed at developing the construction sector through educational segment and employment of local population. The college will enable young people to direct their potential in correct direction and become professionals. We will do our best that our students receive top-standard theoretical knowledge and practical experience and become extra class workforce on the labour market. We believe that soon the college will become an international-level vocational educational centre and stimulate students interested in development sector. This is timely and necessary project for the development sector promotion in Georgia”, Irakli Burdiladze, director general for m2, noted

BK Construction is co-founder of Construct2 college. BK Construction (prior to rebranding it was called as BK Capital) became a subsidiary of m² in 2017, after the m² started development of civil engineering management.