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King David Residences Creates 5-Star Lifestyle

King David creates a five star lifestyle within exceptionally elegant residential and business towers with beautifully designed amenity spaces organized enticingly as multistory urban resort and exclusive collection of specially-designed services.

The first Condominium-type multifunctional complex strategically located on a hill overlooking the Queen Tamar Bridge, next to Heroes Square where four of Tbilisi’s main avenues from varying districts come together, has reached the finish line of construction works. The project worth 70 million USD investments has created a precedent of skyscraper construction in Tbilisi and laid a foundation of five-star lifestyle. The complex is shaping new standards on Georgian real estate market.

When developing the project concept, we made focus on establishing an entirely new living standards in Georgia says Nini Mariamidze head of marketing department of the complex. Infrastructure occupies almost 40% of total space of this project, which unites two independent buildings – 31-storied and 19-storied towers. Higher Tower King David Residences will include residential spaces, while lower tower Kind David Business Center will include A-class business center. A hotel will be located on the 2 last floors of Kind David Business Centre.


Towers are interconnected by 6 floors and a major part of infrastructure is located on these floors , including a swimming pool, spa and fitness centers, beauty salons, open terrace garden with children playground and healthy food cafe, restaurant, cafeteria, children room, event hall, lobby for residents with a bar and a car parking zone. A 5-star restaurant with 360-degree panoramic views will be located on the last 31st floor.

The complex has already started inviting tourists to see these views. If you have not enjoyed picturesque views from Kind David, then you should schedule a tour to King David as soon as possible says Keti Adeishvili director of Sales and Marketing.

This is a hotel-type complex with best panoramic views to Tbilisi and a full package of services that enables residents to work, get entertained and relax without leaving the complex.

Tbilisi’s most luxury residences cannot remain unnoticeable in our city. Skyscraper erected on a hill in the center of Tbilisi unites two remarkable towers with picturesque architecture and it become a benchmark for Tbilisi skyscrapers and the first international success of Kind David also proves this.

The company has taken part in European part of one of the most prestigious annual real estate competitions – International Property Awards. The submitted projects were assessed by distinguished experts of the world’s real estate field. These experts have conferred a 5-star classification to King David and transmitted European Property Award in the nomination of Best Mixed-use Development Georgia. This signifies Kind David was recognized as the best multi-functional complex in Georgia.

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Construction works started several years ago and the process has attained a final phase. The complex will be put into exploitation in July 2017. Structure works have been already finished and indoor works are being carried out in lobby, halls and corridors. The concept of King David is for successful and busy people that value time and quality of life. In the space exclusively created for them, all conditions have been created for life, doing business, entertainment and relaxation.

Living at King David complex creates a new reality in Tbilisi that breaks all existing standards and stereotypes and shapes a new lifestyle. Royal-style residencies, with stained-glass views, high ceiling, 5-star hotel services make every minute unforgettable at the complex.

One of the most important advantages of the complex is its high-quality construction, as well as its fire security system. In addition, the foundation of the complex was methodically inspected by Georgian and international experts several times. The last inspection of complex was carried out in October 2015 and received a seismic rating of 9B.


Another interesting feature of the complex is that it boasts an additional source of power. In the event of a power outage in the city, both towers will have uninterrupted power supply. The complex will also have a water reservoir in the case of a water supply disruption. It should also be noted that the project meets one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century – the complex is exceptionally energy-efficient. The façade is composed of triplex glass-packets of Guardian glass, produced by the famed American company ‘Guardian’. The glass-packets are ideal all-year-round for preserving heat and cold.

Now is a good time to buy

King David offers a special opportunity to interested parties  in the form of Easter Offer. Namely, King David simplifies residency acquisition terms and cuts the primary installation amount by 10%. Special offer runs for specific apartments and these terms are applicable through April 30, 2017. The prices for 1 sq. meter of the residential apartments will start from $1,500