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Photo/ 1TV

Government Returns 45 million GEL of Property to Owners

The government of Georgia has given back property worth 45 million GEL to their owners. These properties were expropriated by the previous regime, Thea Tsulukiani, nominee for the Justice Minister’s position, said at the Parliament’s committee hearing on June 18.

“Sometimes they joke that only vehicles were returned. We have given back 80 vehicles and this is important property to owners,” Tsulukiani noted.

Besides vehicles, the government has returned 26 hectares of lands, one winery, the Shovi Boarding House territory, six apartments, two cottages, several commercial and office spaces, two airplanes, 13 helicopters, one book and one gun, Tsulukiani said.

“Is this a small volume compared to that arbitrariness? Maybe, this is a genuinely small volume, but these people need support, not humiliation. They need financial support to be able to work better and faster,” Tsulukiani said.

A special department which explores crimes committed by the previous authorities is investigating 434 cases. A total of eight investigators and eight prosecutors work in the department, Tsulukiani noted.