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EE Real Estate Forum & Project Awards 2018

On November 26th the IV EE Real Estate Forum & Project Awards 2018, the largest real estate event in Ukraine, took place. The event was organized by URE Club and Europaproperty.com for the fourth year in a row.

This year the event was attended by over 200 leading experts from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Poland.

EE Real Estate Forum 

The program of the EE Real Estate Forum is elaborated in a way so that guests appreciate investment attractiveness of each region. The holding of the Forum with coverage of 6 markets at once allowed to get acquainted with advanced experience, modern trends and factors of development of the sphere. The event was moderated by Olha Solovey, CEO of URE Club and Craig Smith, CEO of EuropaProperty.com.

The first block was dedicated to discussion of investment attractiveness of Ukraine. Tatiana Korotkaya, Deputy Business Ombudsman, spoke about functioning of Business OMBUDSMAN Council and in a compressed form submitted analytics of appeals of the segment with quarterly dynamics. Head of NBU financial stability department, Natalia Zaderey, shared research of the National Bank and spoke about good investment position of the country, based on an analysis of dynamics of changes in real estate prices and rental rates for housing. Natalia’s colleague – Elena Dmitriyeva, a member of the supervisory board of the commercial bank Globus Bank, spoke about current state and prospects of mortgage lending in Ukraine. Recently, situation in the country’s mortgage market is characterized by the following trends: in 2017, number of mortgage contracts increased by 24%, last year issued mortgage loans worth 1.48 billion UAH, which is 62% more than in 2016. Since the beginning of 2018, mortgage portfolios of banks have grown for the first time after the 2014 crisis. In the third quarter of 2018, share of real estate loans among all household loans increased by 1.6 percentage points to 24.6% due to the change of the hryvnia exchange rate.

The second block of the Forum was dedicated to legal aspects of Eastern region, as well as its investment attractiveness. Natalia Kochergina, partner of DLA Piper Ukraine spoke about main legal models for investment in Ukraine, Lika Kardava (managing partner of Property Georgia) and Irakliy Kilauridze (managing director of Colliers Georgia) told about features of the real estate market of Georgia and its advantages for investment.

Vitaliy Melnik, partner and Vice-President of UTG, spoke about recent European trends of the real estate market in his speech. Vitaliy noted that the modern market of the construction business should comply with the principles of environmental friendliness, energy saving and urbanism. Iryna Skorokhodova, Vice-President of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, spoke about successful experience of selling investment properties. Speech by Andrey Artyushenko (Artyushenko and Partners law firm) showed positive experience of the real estate market in Kazakhstan. Mr Artyushenko noted that “We have some changes that have positive impact on the construction business. State fees were completely abolished. It means that in order to commission a project, regardless of its complexity, you need signatures of only four parties: customer, contractor, project’s supervision and technical supervision”.

In the third block of the program number of presentations of investment projects of Ukrainian regions took place. Among the presented projects there are residential complexes, public facilities and industrial parks.

In the format of a discussion panel, the section was continued by Andrei Mima (co-founder LUN and Flatfy). According to his words, main trends of 2019 in choice of real estate will be urbanization and digitalization. Forum participants had the opportunity to see the latest digital technologies that allow real estate to be viewed in detail in the online mode. Andrey Vavrysh (СEO of SAGA Development) noted that the development will progress in the direction of high-quality architectural design and the maximum approach to human needs. The section ended with a speech by Vitaliy Boyko (СEO of NAI Ukraine) and Arie Schwartz (partner and CEO of Seven Hills International Development).

Due to recent events – the introduction of martial law – the Forum actively discussed functioning of business in this context.

It is important to emphasize that business is aware of all the possible consequences, and naturally the introduction of martial law will force all investors to postpone their plans. Representatives of developers pointed out that they will continue all the projects started and will not stop the construction. Working objects will continue to work in the usual mode. Only agreements at the discussion stage and projects that have not yet started will feel the impact.

EE Real Estate Project Awards

This is a magnificent ceremony of awarding the best companies and real estate projects. Among 170 applications, an international jury selected the best in each nomination.

For companies, participation in such events is a good reason to declare their work and be recognized by colleagues. As Vadim Neposedov commented, “Professional events are unique platforms for meetings of market operators in any field of activity, especially in real estate. Here you can not only meet and talk with your target audience, but also learn all the new products on the market and take an active part in its formation and development, which is exactly what UTG does”.

President of UTG company, “Since the time when first successful projects were carried out, it was considered that there were three criteria for success: investment efficiency, timeliness of stages, increase of cost. Each individual project is opportunities of a company to use various tools to turn resources into result. To put it in other words, a project that has improved the maturity of a company in its field and has met investors’ expectations in terms of quality, time and budget is considered successful”.