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Discover the King Gorgasali Hotel in Old Tbilisi and Get an Accommodation in the Heart of the City

The heart of the city, historical part of Old Tbilisi, the best service, refined rooms, active tourist location, a huge number of cafes, restaurants, and bars – what else should you take into consideration when looking for a hotel for relaxation, meetings or any other reason?

If you agree that all the items mentioned above are important, consider our advice and visit the King Gorgasali hotel where you can rest like a king or queen!

Hotel’s beneficial location will enable you to enjoy the views of Old Tbilisi from the balcony of your cozy room, take a walk along Chardin Street in the evening, enjoy the atmosphere and try various Georgian dishes and drinks.

If you stay at King Gorgasali, you’ll be able to see a considerable part of Tbilisi very easily. It only takes a few minutes to get to Europe Square and Metekhi Church, walk along Old Tbilisi streets, and take in the grandeur of Tbilisi culture.

When you are looking for a hotel, of course its location is not the only important thing, service and comfort of the room also plays a considerable role in the selection process. King Gorgasali stands out in this regards, as you have the possibility to regulate the temperature in the room to your taste, enjoy the mini bar, get a glass of wine and rest with comfort. Trust us, your ideal rest will be taken care of!

Gourmets are in for a lot of surprises. The hotel has its own restaurant Sormon, where in a sophisticated and comfortable environment you can enjoy delicious Georgian and European food. The restaurant also has wine sampling, khinkali show room (a room where you see the dish getting prepared). And the most important thing is that you can watch the cooking of a traditional Georgian dish, khinkali, and take part in the process.

When you visit the wine sampling, you’ll once again confirm the diversity and extraordinariness of Georgian wine. A professional sommelier will help you discover new tastes that will give you unforgettable impressions.

If you wish to get lost in the labyrinth of Old Tbilisi, enjoy wonderful views, walk around an important historical part of the city, try and discover new tastes, you definitely have to visit the King Gorgasali hotel.

Spend time here and make sure that an ideal environment and service create the chain that takes care of your full comfort.

Moments spent at King Gorgasali will definitely remain with you as a pleasant memory to make you want to come back again.