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Demand for Real Estate Increases on Renewed Bambis Rigi St.

The new initiative of “Meidan Group” means restoring the historical function of Bambis Rigi Street.

As it is known, the production and sale of different products of cotton were done on Bambis Rigi street. Over the past few years, the main part of the commercial spaces located on the street were café-bars. Based on the new strategy, these noisy objects were replaced by Georgian designer stores that manufacture Georgian products, including clothes and accessories. Consequently, the Bambis Rigi revolves its old function and represents a street where anyone and especially tourists will be able to view and purchase works created by Georgian designers.

Demand has been increased in the adjacent business center, specifically on the office spaces of “Mantashev Ques”.

Apart from the fact that the building is distinguished with special architecture and historical significance, there are many other advantages, including: a permanent source of electricity, a water reserve tank, a high-speed internet, a 24 hour service for reception, modern systems of signaling, area protected by internal and external video cameras and Old Town views.

The company “Meidan Group” is a real estate management and development company established in 2000. The aim of the company is to plan and implement investments and new projects in old districts of Tbilisi to maintain the importance of these places in the modern life of Tbilisi and their historical significance, architectural appearance and traditional colors.