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5-Meter Distance Between Multi-Storey Buildings May Be Mandatory


The construction of a multi-storey building near the 5-meter may be prohibited. Anzor Jaiani has applied to the Parliament of Georgia with the relevant legislative initiative. The Committee on Sector Economy and Economic Policy plans to discuss the legislative proposal.

The legislative proposal establishes the norms on the location and mutual deployment.

According to the project, construction of multi-storey buildings is prohibited in the following areas:

1- Less than 50 meters from the sea coast;

2-Less than 5 meters from the lake and drainage channels;

3- Less than 5 meters from multi-storey buildings;

4- If building multi-storey buildings will cause the sun’s retention and threat health of the population.

5- In 20 meters radius from swampy places;

6- Building multi-storey buildings from three or four angles of the building in less than 20 meters.

According to the project, it is prohibited to build a 4-storey building on the territory above 2 thousand meters and its height should not exceed 30 meters.

Draft law also imposes penalties, ranging from 500 to 1000 GEL.