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22 Chavchavadze Avenue – New Showroom by Lisi Development and Kokhta Mitarbi

Lisi Development and the Kokhta Mitarbi resort have opened a new sales office on 22 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue. Prospective customers now have the opportunity to view the apartment interior and materials.

The office showcases a model of the Kokhta Mitarbi residential complex apartments, as well as the interior design of the Lisi Green Town apartments. The office façade is vertically covered with climbing plants, which is in full accordance with the company’s 80/20 concept, meaning that 80% of the territory is used for green space and recreational zones, and only 20% for construction.

Lisi Development is the first company in Georgia to conduct the development of the 400 hectare territory next to Lisi Lake. The Lisi Green Town residential complex is the company’s largest project, which has been ongoing since 2010.  

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The Kokhta Mitarbi resort is a round-the-year complex consisting of international-standard hotels and residential apartments. The resort’s first building, combining apartments and a hotel, has been completed at this stage. Apartments are currently being equipped with electrical appliances, and infrastructure is being installed across the territory. Construction of the other residential blocks is proceeding simultaneously. Buyers will receive their apartments in a fully fitted out and furnished (TURNKEY) form.

The hotel complex and the first-phase apartments will begin operating and welcoming the first guests in the near future.

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